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Wholesale Screening Solutions is the go-to source of vital data for employment screening, tenant screening, and risk mitigation service providers nationwide.

A former employee listed all the disadvantaged of working for Wholesale Screening Solutions. - Terrible pay ($10.80/hr) - underemployed with a college degree, never asked what my career goals were and never asked about being promoted. - Unproductive culture - expected to constantly work (May be compared to a sweat shop mentality) - Poor scheduling options, either 5:30am-2pm or 2:30pm-11pm - Impossible to earn a bonus and no holiday bonuses - Overly strict attendance policy, reminisant to high school and not a professional field. - In order to qualify to work from home, there has to be higher than average productivity. However, based on differing responsibilities many employees cannot. In addition several people were promised the opportunity to work from home, but never did or did months later.


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